The history of a Tunisian industry which becomes a multinational group…

It’s the history of Misfat filtration, a Tunisian company that succeeded in some years, to enter the European markets of manufacturing and distribution of filters for all types of vehicles. This is the best example of a company , which is full of ambitious projects.

Misfat filtration is the leader of the Tunisian market through its local distribution platform Azur Pieces Automobiles. Based in Jedeida and founded in 1979, the factory currently employs more than 850 employees and produces 16 million filters per year, mostly dedicated for export.


To achieve this level of progress, Misfat Filtration crossed the Mediterranean and imposed its products to its customers in Europe.

 First steps to international experience … Concrete projects

  • 1979

    Misfat fitration Founding

  • 2000

    Opening to International, Misfat filtration won the first OE business with PSA

  • 2009

    Misfat filtration became a leader in Tunisian Market thanks to regional development policy

  • 2009

    Misfat filtration baught the french company Solaufil and its brands Mecafiter and Lautrette

  • 2009

    Opening of Misfat Morocco, a distribution platform and manufacturing site for industrial air filters

  • 2011

    Opening of distribution platform, Misfat Europe in Poland

  • 2014

    Inauguration of new plants and warehouses in Morocco and France

  • 2014

    Opening of distribution platform, Mecafilter Rus in Russia


In the beginning of 2000, Misfat filtration has become a recognized supplier thanks to OE quality products sold at competitive prices and excellent service.

Misfat fitration consolidated its position as an original equipment supplier and took its output to original quality level with European as well as American and Japanese car manufacturers.

In 2009, Misfat filtration became a leader in Tunisian market and after buying the French company Solaufil, it continued on its path towards international growth through the opening of Solaufil Iberica, a distribution platform in Spain

In 2010, Misfat filtration created Misfat Morocco; an industrial air filters manufacturing site and regional distribution center and a new subsidiary in Poland, Misfat Europe in 2011.

In June 2014, Misfat filtration has opened Mecafilter Rus, a regional distribution site based in Moscow.

The head office remains always in Jedeida. Today, the group is counting around 1000 employees, taking into consideration the French employees, Spanish subsidiary and those created in Morocco, Poland and Russia.