Misfat Tunisia- Azur

  Misfat Tunisia – Azur Pièces Automobiles

Founded in 1979 and based in Jedeida in Tunisia. It is the headquarter of Misfat filtration group.

Misfat filtration manufactures and distributes all kind of oil, fuel, diesel, air and cabin air filters for light vehicles, commercial and heavy duties applications for OEM/OES and IAM markets.

Misfat filtration has a customer’s network in over than 60 countries, a portfolio of three own brands, Misfat, Mecafilter and Lautrette and a know-how for manufacturing specific customers’ private label.


2 plants are located at 40 km from Tunis, one is manufacturing oil and fuel/ diesel filters and the other is specialized in air and cabin air filters with 9500 m 2 of production area available and a capacity of 25 Million filters / year.

Azur Pièces Automobiles is the distribution platform for the local market.

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