The group


The group

This is the story of a Tunisian filter company, which has succeeded within a few years in entering the automotive filtration markets and proving itself among others. This is a real textbook case of a company that is full of overwhelming ambitions and projects.

The Tunisian company of filters is a family business founded in Tunisia in 1979 and is based in Jedeida near the capital. The factory first specialized in the manufacture of filters for the Tunisian automotive aftermarket sector, later to cross the Mediterranean and offer its products to its customers in the European continent.


Our subsidiaries

The parent company of the group still remains faithfully attached to its stronghold of Jedeida in Tunisia.

By adding the French, Spanish, Moroccan and Polish workforce, the group can boast of having exceeded the symbolic milestone of 1,200 employees, thus becoming a multinational with overwhelming ambitions.

Misfat filtration manufactures and distributes all types of filters for light, commercial and industrial vehicles for the OEM / OES markets and especially for the independent aftermarket.

Misfat filtration has a network of customers in over 60 countries and a portfolio of several own brands including Mecafilter and Misfat.

The signing of an exclusive distribution agreement for the Lucas filters brand with the TRW group (acquired by ZF) opens up new horizons for the family group, which intends to establish its presence and conquer new international markets.

Misfat Filtration remains the undisputed leader of the Tunisian market thanks to its Azur automotive parts distribution platform.

Solaufil France is now the largest subsidiary of the group. Thanks to its large depot and a modern factory located in Crépy En Valois and specializing in the manufacture of air and cabin filters for light, utility and industrial vehicles.

Solaufil France is positioned second on the French market, has a large distribution network and 9 regional warehouses, thus ensuring a local service to all its customers.

Misfat Maroc is the Moroccan subsidiary of the Misfat filtration group, created in Casablanca in 2009. It is a manufacturing site for industrial air filters and a distribution platform for the Mecafilter, Misfat and Lucas brands on the local and export market.

Solaufil Iberica is the Spanish subsidiary, created in 2009 in Madrid and constitutes a distribution platform for the various brands of the group.

Misfat Europe is the Polish subsidiary of the group, created in 2011 in Warsaw, and constitutes a distribution platform for the various brands of the group.

Production and R&D

The group’s industrial processes cover a very diverse range of filters. Misfat filtration has always adopted a strategy of diversification and technology watch in order to always be among the best in the filtration sector.

The competitive advantages induced by the industrial process are reflected in its reliability and its ability to meet the requirements of international standards as well as the specifics set by customers. The flexibility of the process is also an important quality that ensures optimal responsiveness to demand. This quality is reinforced by the control of upstream and downstream logistics flows as well as by a high integration rate.

In search of performance and productivity, Misfat filtration continues to adapt its industrial capacity to its growth through the acquisition of automated processes. This allows it to achieve significant economies of scale.

In addition to its historic oil, fuel filter manufacturing plant and air and cabin filters with a capacity of 45 million filters / year, Misfat filtration has invested in a new fully automated factory dedicated to the manufacture of ecological filters. This unit was inaugurated in 2017.

To respect the “Original Equipment” quality level of its products, Misfat filtration has developed its engineering thanks to:

An R&D design office made up of engineers and qualified technicians equipped with cutting-edge technological tools and means.

A “Product Innovation” unit at Misfat filtration whose aim is to ensure technology watch, analysis and the filing of patents.

High-tech test laboratories equipped with analysis facilities and test benches to perform all the necessary tests to meet manufacturers’ specifications.


Quality and Certifications

Our filters are manufactured in accordance with controlled production processes, with systematic controls and periodic internal audits on the product / process.

The raw materials necessary for the manufacture of our products are sourced exclusively from first-rate and internationally renowned suppliers.

Misfat filtration is now ISO 9001, ISO / TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and enjoys recognition from the largest manufacturers, such as the Q1 certificate provided by Ford in 2012, the Platinum Supplier Status 2018 “Service” certificate. Outstanding for Opel Vauxhall Customer and After-Sales Service” issued by the PSA group and recently Supplier Awards 2020“After-sales performance” issued by the PSA group.

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