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After many years in the field of auto-parts distribution, the founders of Misfat filtration decided to move to manufacturing convinced that understanding distributors needs was the key to success.

Today and 35 years later, we are proud of the achievements accomplished.

With a production covering 95% of the European market in filtration and a customers base in about 60 countries, Misfat filtration has become a recognized supplier of OE quality products sold at competitive prices and excellent service.

3 major events can be considered as the most important milestones in the history of the company.

The fist was in 1999 when we won our first OE business. It was for PSA, a first mount spin-on oil filter for the 205 and similar cars.

The second was in 2008 when we sealed the deal to buy the French company SOLAUFIL and its brands MECAFILTER and LAUTRETTE. This turned Misfat filtration into a multinational company and since then started industrial or distribution activities in four other countries which are Sapin, Poland , Morrocco and Russia.

The third major event taking Misfat filtration to the next level, is to be recognized as Volkswagen supplier. This allows new development opportunities for Misfat filtration group.

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